Museum District Of Houston Texas Engagement Photo Session Featuring James and Shakeela

I normally shot in the Downtown Houston Area, but for this dynamic couple I decided to switch things up. We ventured into the Museum District of Houston, Texas and created some magic. James and Shakeela were a fun couple and they laughed at all my horrible jokes so they are ok in my book.

James was the trouble maker out of the two but it was all in fun. Mrs Shakeela aka Keke was very reserved but had no problem slipping a joke or two in about James here and there. By the way her name is Keke and I did sing the Drake song in which Shiggy has coined with his “Do the Shiggy Dance” and yes I did embarrass myself, but it was all in the name of a good cause.

We started off in the McGovern Centennial Gardens and it is no where fall so the garden was abundantly green. It also was the peak hours of the golden hour so in my opinion the images came out amazing. From there we ventured to one of Houston amazing rooftops and captured some breathtaking photos. Over all the session went great and I could tell they were having a blast towards the end. But don’t take my word go and view the images and let me know what you think.