Hess Club Wedding Featuring Melissa and Kenneth 8-18-18

Kenneth aka “Mookey” is a Lamar Redskin Alumni and dear friend of mine, so when his wife to be Melissa also a fellow Lamar Redskin Alumni reached out to me to cover their approaching special day at the Hess Club, I was all over it.

Kenneth was a year behind me but was on varsity track and football the same years I was. In other words I knew what to expect from him. Melissa on the other had was maybe two to three years my junior and I didn’t know her very well, but I did know she made my friend happy. I had never seen Kenneth this way with a young lady I knew that she was special to him.

Melissa had only kind words for Kenneth and spoke upward about him the entire day. Most brides at some point threaten to kill the groom if he doens’t complete some task or another, but she never once put his life in the crosshairs. Melissa’s makeup artist did a stellar job and thats why I showcased those close up portraits the way that I did.

The wedding went well and nothing crazy happened. Until Melissa and her close friends who are also ,proud Lamar Alumni, departed from the main room and reappeared in Black Dress. You could tell that that these young ladies did not come to play, they came to slay! Mellisa and her friend preformed a chorographed dance for Mookey and two other lucky guys. The dance was performed to Beyonce’s former group Destiny Child song Cater To You. She had Kenneth on his toes, and then whole performance brought a new found energy to the wedding.

O one last thing, their cake was soooo delicious! Thanks again for reading