Warehouse District of Houston Texas Engagement Session Featuring Tolu and Segun 7-7-18

I had the chance to work with an amazing couple, Tolu and Segun! I’ve known Tolu since our college days at University of Houston ,and ever since then I remember her being this goofy young lady with elegant signature gap in between two front her teeth. You would figure with time some of that goofiness would ware off, well if you figured that you figured wrong. Tolu is still a fun loving young lady, the only thing that has changed is her partner in crime enjoys her antics and sometimes partakes in them. At first Segun was quiet and very reserved, but I would say mid way through the session I finally got to see the REAL Segun. Segun became a fountain of jokes and funny faces. Once he opened up it was apparent why this two had chosen each other. They love to laugh, and they love each other.

We started our session at the Houston famous Studio 1306 and just went with simple white background. Tolu and Segun’s navy outfits really popped out against the white background. As you can see in the images Tolu didn’t take much time to get warmed up to the camera. We had WizKid and Davido’s music playing in the background so Tolu was right at home. Once there was an outfit change Segun came to life and you can see it in the photos. From there we went outside the studio and captured some candid moments. They had blast and the weather was warm but not the normal 1 million degrees it is in Houston.

Tolu is partner at her own law, Kuteyi & Mokolo Attorneys At Law, PLLC, that bit of information doest actually fit into the blog but I wanted to give her business a shout out. Back to business, Segun and Tolu are both Yoruba! So that means there’s going to be a traditional wedding! Tolu gave me an inside scoop on the traditional attire colors and lets just say against their skin tons the colors are going to pop! I can’t wait to eat their traditional food, I mean shoot their traditional wedding. Thats enough from me check out the images.