Brittany + Z's 4-25-15

April 25, 2015 two best friends made there love official in front of all their friend and family. Brittany and Z are a classic case of a boy liking a girl and a girl being too busy making sure that she handles her business to notice him. They both attended University of Houston where they met and become friends. During that time Z was mapping out his plans on how to steals this girls heart, but Brittany is a smart young lady and she made him earn it. Their wedding was held at Chateau Cocomar, a former mansion turned into a wedding venue. Chateau Cocomar is an beautiful venue with amazing ballrooms and endless amount of rooms. The wedding went of without a hinge and they some man twist and turns during the reception which keep us on our feet. Ill give you a heads up, Z has a west African decent and that was an awesome twist. Well I'm going to stop talking and let you check out the images from their special day.