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Every now and then, things happen fast. Really fast. The energy’s right. The vibe is right. Things almost seem to be too good to be true, and because of that you almost hesitate to appreciate it because you’re waiting for the catch.


That was me, Chelsea Coffey, Life and Style Blogger for my blog, about two weeks ago. I attended my friend’s Aces of Taste event and happened to run into a stylist friend of mine, Feyi Omodele, on the way into the brunch. She mentioned that she was in a neighboring studio working with her photographer friend, Fred, and that I should come by to check it out.


Next thing I know, I’m shaking hands with the infamous Fred. Within 5 minutes, Feyi suggests we shoot together haha And man, am I glad she did.

I’m all about vibes, and I took well to Fred’s chill, lighted hearted approach to discussing his vision for the shoot.

I mentioned that I would be moving to New York within the next week. We set a time, day, location and boom; I’m making my way down Montrose for our shoot that following Monday.

Something I noticed some time ago is that people have all sorts of different reasons for wanting to shoot with you. Sometimes, they really do just appreciate your look. Other times, they want to grow their portfolio (Fred). And then, there are the ones that make you just a little uncomfortable. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is off.

Photos aside, this is where I have to give Fred the biggest props. Not only did he lovingly carry on about his little girl and fiancé, he’s also all about his business. He was friendly, professional, and totally down to try whatever locations I requested during the shoot. I even caught a few peeks of how things were coming along to gage the direction of our session moving forward.

Not to mention, the final photos were simply beautiful.

Nowadays, there seems to be an endless selection of photographers to choose from. What isn’t as easy to come by, are the genuine ones who don’t make shooting weird or uncomfortable and get the photos back to you, fast.

As a Brand Consultant, I’m especially appreciative of people who are as thoughtful about their personal brand as their company, and it’s a beautiful thing to see Fred doing such a great job of building a brand he can be proud of inside and out.

Take it from me, if you’re looking for someone new to give a chance, Fred is your guy. Happy blogging!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine, Chelsea

Written By Chelsea Coffey of

Photos By Fred of Fred Agho Photography