Meet The Browns / Family Portraits in WareHouse District of Houston 12-11-16

Chris and his awesome family gave me the chance to work with them this Holiday season. Amber ,Chris's wife, did an amazing juggling all three of the kiddos meanwhile keeping a smile. Isabella the oldest has a confident spirit and knew exactly what to do to make her younger brothers smile. Matthew aka the guy in the middle was a blast, to be three that guy had a lot of one liners and his sweater was pretty neat. I actually looked for the sweater in an adult size to no prevail. Ender, the little guy, would smile on a drop of a dime and he had such a lay-backed demeanor about him. Chris is a very blessed man and the images prove exactly that. The first image was inspired by Isabella antics and we just decided to roll with it. My favorite of the session was actually the last one, it reminded me of moments with my father at Matt's age. But let me stop holding you readers up, check the images out below.

-Fred Agho