Chanelle + Burvell Menil Collection Engagement Session 4-23-16

The journey began when Chanelle and Burvell both relocated to Houston seeking new career opportunities. However, they did not realize the true purpose of their relocation. Houston's the fourth largest city in America with countless places to reside. What are the chances they would meet?

Well, their path was predestined. They both moved into a 30 story high-rise, during the same week and only four floors apart. Despite close proximity they did not see each other often. When they did run into each other in the lobby or elevator Burvell would say something silly like "Hey, I've seen you before I believe we have the same car." They had exchanged names previously but, with awkward interactions Chanelle wondered whether Burvell had enough courage to ask for her phone number. 

After a few additional meet and greets. While passing in the lobby Burvell finally gathered strength to ask for Chanelle's phone number. She snidely asked before giving her number "What's my name?" Burvell played this scenario in his mind several times. He was able to quickly respond, Chanelle. 

On their first date they went bowling and both knew with a twinkle in their eye this was a match. It only took one additional date at a networking mixer for them to realize they would be together forever.

Second Photographer/ Light Assistant : Mike Munoz

MUA : Thelavishvanity

Hair : Kim J/Kimistryhair