Dwight Howard 30th Great Gatsby's Birthday Bash @ Chateau Cocomar 12-6-15

Dwight Howard formally of the Houston Rockets had an amazing 30th birthday bash while he was still in Houston. It was held at Chateau Cocomar which is a extravagant mansion in the Northside of Houston. The party had a Great Gatsby theme which set this event apart from others that we have covered. Dwight wore a big smile the entire time and danced most of the night. Patrick Beverly the Houston Rockets at one point pie faced Dwight but that didn't stop him. Celebrity Jeweler TV Johny had a special gift for Dwight. Tv Johny be the height he is had a hard time delivering the gift at first but they got it done. It was a custom super man pin made out 14 karat gold and had 5 karats of diamonds on it.

Half way into the night we had several special guys come and preform which helped tear the roof off the place. Lil Boise was the first artist and crowd went berserk, they sang every one of his songs word for word not missing a note. Then they announced another artist would be performing, but who ever that was would have a hard time because of what Lil Boosie had just done. The Trigga man himself aka TIP aka TI came on stage and blew the walls off of the place. TI had some unbelievable energy and Dwight matched with every dance move. Trae the Truth also stopped by and gave a great performance.

The great thing about this whole event was even though this was an event for Dwight and his team mates, they still had others in mind. The admission to the event was a toy. The event doubled as a christmas toy drive and from the last image you can tell it was a success. From my experience Dwight is an awesome guy and he took the time to interact with all of his guest no matter who they were. 

-Fred Agho

Event Planner:  Alexia McWhinney

Dj: Dj Mr Rogers

Venue: Chateau Cocomar