Myrí's 13th Birthday Shoot at The Houston Rental Studios 11-12-17

Myri's parents commissioned me to capture a paramount moment in most young kids’ lives, THEY become teenagers. Myri was turning 13 and we had to capture some amazing images to share the moment with the world. We shot at the Houston Rental Studio, which is in EADO Houston, and it has an amazing feel to it. One side of the facility is all white, while the other side has an industrial warehouse look and feel to it. We chose two different colors which came out amazing. The session went so well! Myri's mother, who actually looks like her sister, joined in on the fun. Papa Keenan also had some behind the scene images but, he opted out of being on the blog. That’s the nice way of saying he didn't make it (lol).You don't have to trust my word for it, take a peek at the images!

-Fred Agho