Downtown Houston Engagement Session Featuring Evan & Funbi 9-24-17

It has been a while since I have been back Downtown Houston to shoot since Hurricane Harvey, but when Evan reached out to me to shoot his engagement photos I was geeked and honored. I say I was geeked because Evan is a fellow photographer and I knew he would let me push the limits and I'm honored because out of all his photographer buddies he gave me the chance to work with him and his future bride to help create their vision. These two have great chemistry and those laughs are genuine. Funbi came to slay and take names, she did an amazing job with her outfit and make-up and I'm pretty sure she picked out Evan's outfit as well( Just kidding). We started off by Jones Hall because that was where Evan proposed and I felt it was fitting, then we worked our way down to Buffalo Bayou and then finally near the Aquarium. The last shot has been on my mind for months and thank you Evan and Funbi for allowing me to get it out my mind. I won't be to long winded but the images came out great and I know they had a blast.

-Fred Agho