Houston, Texas Nigerian Wedding Featuring Lola & Sam 3-11-18

Nigerian Weddings in Houston, Texas are a common sight, but Lola and Sam's wedding was far from common. They shared their special day with close family and friends, and did it with a Great Gatsby vibe. Lola is a bright and bubbly individual, and Sam a quiet and cool character. 

The day began at luxurious townhouse in downtown Houston where Lola and the bridesmaids got ready. The photos may seem like it wasn't busy but at one point and time it was a mad house. Lola and I still had a chance to get some amazing portraits in though. From there, I caught up with Sam and his groomsmen. As soon as I arrived, Sam was embracing his mother and you could see the joy in her eyes. The ceremony was packed full of  laughter, tears, and one really big kiss.

The reception was held at the Stafford Civic Center and the reception area was decked out with Great Gatsby decor. I mentioned Sam was quiet, but when it was time for them to dance he was the complete opposite. Sam and Lola had a blast through the evening with three outfit changes in total. If you missed this wedding you missed a great one but hey don't take my word for it. Take a peak at the photos.