Day For Night 2017 / This One is For Us 12-17-17

Day for Night is an amazing festival which I have been lucky enough to shoot for the past three years. This year was different, something came over me - it may sound corny, but I felt I had a duty. Here is the backstory to this feeling: I was listening to Solange's album so that I would know the words and could fan out after I shot her set, and -BAM-, the song "F.U.B.U.” hit me.  

I thought to myself, how often does the Black community get the spotlight at these type of festivals. Our talents are often showcased, but us as patrons are often nowhere to be found. I'm not making this a white and black thing, but more of a "hey we are awesome and check US out". So I took it into my own hands and documented patrons that shared my melanin disposition.