McGovern Centennial Gardens Engagement Photos of Francis + Amy 5-31-16

Amy and Francis are a classic case of a sweet girl falling for a kind gentleman. They both we're in attendance of a family friends wedding and it rained and the temperature dropped for the night, Amy being a slim and slender woman began to catch a chill. Francis being the gentleman that he is offered her his jacket, and Amy replied with a yes of cousre. That was the beginning of their love story. 

During the shot you could tell these two had an amazing connection, that will stand the test of time. Francis a light hearted man laughed at all my horrible jokes but when Amy would whisper inside jokes to him he would burst into laughter. The way Francis looks and holds Amy you would think she was a sweet, delicate flower and you can tell he would do anything for her. Their connection is true and rare but don't take my word for it, check out the images from their session. 

-Fred Agho

Second Photographer: Mike Munoz

MUA: Kim Clark

Hair Stylist: