Montrose Engagement Photo Session of Karina + Damian 6-3-16

It is rare to see two people who just understand one another, and show their love for one another no matter who maybe watching. Damian adores his soon to be wife, and his eyes hardly gazed away from her. Karina is a fun-filled bubbly young lady, that also did an awesome job on outfit selection might I add, and according to Karina, Damian was looking for an opportunity to wear his suspenders. Their outfits complemented each other very well and the images will show.

We decided to shoot in the historic area of Houston called Montrose. The landscape is colorful and has a vintage mystique which is a photographers heaven. As we were shooting I discovered that Karina is a pizza fan, so ventured into a pizza parlor in the area. That is where I feel I captured the true essence of their connection to one another. They laughed and played over some slices of pizza and just enjoyed each other's company. I really enjoyed shooting and it made me have a good time, and the images will show it.


-Fred Agho

Hair/MUA:  Nancy