Chase Tower Engagement Photo Session of Boomie + Donivan 6-8-16

I normally ask my couples how they met when they come to me for my services, and Boomie's answer was "Plenty of Fish and the rest is history". I was stuck there thinking to myself did she really say something about fish. Well after some research I discovered what "Plenty of Fish" was and we can say neither of them are going fishing anymore because they have an awe-inspiring bond. Donivan ,an island boy, was very playful during the shoot and knew how to make Boomie crack a smile the at the drop of a dime. We were able to go to one of Houston most breathtaking sights in the Chase Tower which is "the sky lobby"  and shoot their formal photos there. I have some lugubrious   news, the week we shoot was actually one of the last weeks this location was open to the public. So they were able to view for the first time, but hey check out the images


-Fred Agho

Second Photographer: Mike Munoz

MUA : Ronnee Legington

Hair : Braids by Tina