Just Go For It HeadShots With Abby 7-1-15

I'm all about giving and the best way to give is freely and with a open heart. So I decided to share some experiences I have had that may help a fellow photographer this weekend or near future. I feel like i have been shooting since prehistoric times which caused me to become a robot. I knew how to pose my subjects to the T, but never actually getting images that represent them  and who they are it was more my interpretation of how I felt they should look. When you get in this type of runt you stop growing. Realizing I hadn't grown in awhile I decided to try some new and different tactics when I shot next. 

Me and Abby worked together over a 2 year ago and I could honestly say that is we're I started to grow again. I tried new lighting with her and I also just had more fun with the session which poured into the images. Normally I go into a shoot and I get my certain very posed shots then I'm out. I decided to just try new things and I truly loved the end result. If I tell you how long that yellow background had been in the studio and never been touched you wouldn't believe it. That yellow background is magic and sad to say before shooting with Abby I had never shot with a beauty dish. All in all what I'm saying is just go for it and sometimes you end up with art, and other times you fail but you have to try, and thats how you grow.

-Fred Agho