Lincoln National Forest/ White Sands Engagement Session 7-31-16

For the past 2 years I have wanted to shoot at the White Sands in New Mexico. This past weekend I was blessed with this opportunity to do such. Edison and Angeli life long friends began their life long friendship in the Philippines and later made their journey to the US together. Both of them being school teachers, you can tell they have nurturing and adventurous spirit. They both love to dance and you will notice that in the images, actually had to tell them to stop dancing a couple times lol. Edison had a very stylish blue blazer that I was worried about because the terrain was not friendly, but both of their outfits held up. The sun sets at the White Sands are a must see before you leave this planet. As you look at the images the blues changed as the sun set and it just amazing to watch in person. The Lincoln National Forest are vast and go from one extreme to another within a 20 minute drive. When you enter the forest its rocky and desert-like and with amazing cliffs, and vast views. You drive further into the mountain the weather changes and begins to rain and temp drops and then in sudden flash the whole area becomes green with massive pine trees and the smells as if it should be bottled. Lets just say I've never seen a more beautiful place in my life than the White Sands and the Lincoln Forest. The most amazing thing about all is this terrain is they are only 45 min away from each other. Thank you Angeli and Edison for allowing me to capture these moments.

-Fred Agho