LifeStyle PhotoSession With Travis White at The Hygienix Barber Company 7-8-16

The week during the NBA finals I was walking towards a sports bar that I frequent when I walked past a barber shop like I have never seen before. The barbershop was a blast from the past but the shop was not dated. It was full of clover details that owner Q explained to me, and he took his time and showed me what everything meant in the shop. The shop is over 50 years old and still has it original seats even our 41st President " George Bush Sr. used to come to this shop. With all that history in one place, it was hard to take it all in at one time.

Having a classic place to shoot I decided to reach out to a Classic man so that we could pull this shoot off. Travis White is one of the premier fashion bloggers in the states, and he happened to be in Houston. The shoot was great and the Jameson was real. Travis tried on a couple different hats through the shoot and everything in that store seemed to blend with his style very well. Might I mention everything in that store is for sell, expect the chairs. This place had so many details that I didn't get to show but if your in Houston you should check it out, and the barbers are great as well.

-Fred A