Catalina Coffee Shop Lifestyle Photosession with Brian Albiter 8-30-16

I recently had the chance to work with Brian Albiter, a Instagram famous Texas traveler/ model /writer /entrepreneur / youtube vlogger, the man does it all and does them well. On one of my daily Instagram trolls I noticed that I got a like and a follow from Brian. So out of curiosity I checked out his page and saw that he had done some modeling before with Neil Hamil, which is a premier modeling agency. One convo lead to another and we decided on working together. I had been wanting to shoot at this very unique coffee shop on Washington Avenue in West Downtown Houston area. Catalina Coffee caught me eye because its rustic look on the outside and in, and they have an amazing Latte might I add.

We met at the shop and got to work. The inside of the shop has a dark but had moody feel. Brian's elegant blue Zara suit really jumps out at you through all the photos, and those brown loafers that he had on were admirable as well. Once we started to talk about what Brian does for a living the smiles started to stream out, this young man wants to make some changes in the Hispanic community and has some pretty great ideas on how to do it. All in all Brian is a pretty enlightened guy and is doing all the right things, and his suit says it all. Don't take my word for it check out the images.

-Fred Agho

Location: Catalina Coffee Shop

Navy Suit - Zara 

Shirt - Zara 

Shoes - Zara 

Belt - Zara 

Tie - The Tie Bar

Tie clip - The Tie Bar