Green Mill Social Club/Allen Parkway Engagement Session Featuring Brittany and Warren 9-3-16


Brittany and Warren were an awesome couple to shoot. Warren, who is a chill and quiet guy, brought it with his gray suit. Brittany, who is highly organized and came ready for the shoot, but was not ready for the fun we would have along the way. Brittany's gown was so vibrant and elegant, that it gave me the blues... get it?? Speaking of “The Blue’s”, Green Mill Social Club, an upscale bar and lounge in the Pearland area, had a beautiful grand piano. So beautiful in fact, that I knew I would be back after seeing it on a previous visit. Once we got going, Brittany was full of smiles! I don't know what Warren was whispering to her, but he kept the smiles pouring out of her the entire time. After a glass of champagne, the two continued the good times with a dance on the dance floor. The way Brittany's hands seamlessly filled the spaces where Warren's hands were absent, you could tell they were in complete sync. Warren even played the piano. Well actually, he just kind of played with the keys on the piano, but it made no difference. They were in a world of their own, creating their own music of love.

We continued their shoot in the Allen parkway area. The skyline there is amazing and the views are second to none. The sun danced on their skin and they glowed as the hues of blue covering the sky surrounded them. We had an absolute blast! I can’t wait for their love story to continue on their wedding day!


Second Shooter/Light Assistant: Mike Munoz