Downtown Houston Skyline Bridal Session 9-27-16

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well I didn't until I saw this Houston Skyline. I fell in love with this skyline over a year ago and knew it would be the perfect setting to photograph a bride. The view of the sunset is amazing, so rich with colors and the mason work is second to none.  Most Houstonians have no clue about this hidden jewel, but through stalking some well known Instagram street photographers I was able to discover the location of this amazing skyline. My production team was great and our muse for the day did an amazing job. The gown had an very fairy tale elegance to it, and the lace was unmatched. Feyi the stylist for the day did an amazing job. I love the hard contrast of the images and the muse looked amazing.  




Stylist: @feyistyleye

Hair: @hair_tyme

Makeup: @kimclarkartistry

Designer: @dominiqueansari

Assistant Photographer: Mike, Matt, Tomayia