Downtown Houston LifeStyle Shoot with Pastor Steven Chambers 2-25-17

I've been a member of St. John's church based out of downtown Houston for over 5 years. Pastor Steven has always been a figure in my church life and had became a figure in my personal life when christened my daughter Milan. Steven is a mild mannered guy, and just easy to be around. When he delivers his sermons they are with great enthusiasm and true conviction.

So when he reached out to me for a portrait session to help with his launching of his new site,, i gunned at the chance. Steven was a tad nervous at first since he had never really had a lifestyle shoot, but when you look at this image it seems if he has hooped right out a GQ magazine. Im not buying that he has never shoot before act. This was also one of my first shoots with my Fuji XT2, and let me tell you something... That camera is sharp! I won't talk your ear off but the images came out amazing!!!


-Fred Agho