Downtown Houston Commercial Fitness Shoot With Olivia Kizzie Featuring Nike Apparel 3-4-17

I recently worked with Olivia Kizzie, a newly sworn in Medical Doctor. When Olivia is not curing the sick she is making sure she stays fit. She was a former collegiate athlete, and  in her words "fitness as a whole has been my life since I started running track from the young age of 11. Now as a future physician I plan to incorporate nutrition and fitness into my patients plan of care with the goal of possibly making a difference in quality of life for each one of my patients". Kizzie's best friend also accompanied her and she had great energy and made the session a blast.

I'm also excited to let my readers know that I shoot this whole session with my new mirrorless camera Fuji-XT2 camera with lens combo of Fuji 50-140 zoom lens. I was not very confident about how it would perform with low light and off camera flash because all the things I have read. I’m coming from a D800 and the Fuji autofocus smokes the D-800, and the tones from Fuji are amazing. I want go into major detail about specs or such but I love the camera and it feels good to shoot with. Im going to get out of you guys way and let you enjoy the photos.

-Fred Agho