McGovern Centennial Gardens Engagement Session with Kristina & Giovanni 3-26-17

A couple of weeks ago me and my family were enjoying a day at the park right near McGovern Centennial Gardens and I came across this great looking couple. I noticed that they were engaged and I stopped them and spoke with them briefly and handed them a card. Short back story, I've been a photographer for years and never had cards till that weekend, Crazy right! Most of the time when I hand out cards I don't expect much but hey if you don't take the chance you'll never know. 

Some weeks go by and I get an email from Kristina and she reminds me that I meet her and her fiancé at the park some weeks ago. This year being my most busy April ever I was still able to get them in right before the month started. We decided to shoot in the same area where we met which was McGovern Centennial Gardens. When they arrived for the session once again they looked great. Giovanni had these awesome wood Ray-beans and Kristina had such an elegant dress on, and the both of them had great shoes on. These two were great the laughs and the smiles were so geniune. O yeah the kissing too, had to tell Giovanni to keep it PG lol. I love all the images from the session but hey why don't you check them out.