Ashton Garden Wedding Featuring Candice and Prince 4-8-17

Candice and Prince's big day had arrived, and it was a grand event. Ashton Garden is an absolutely gorgeous venue and their chapel is one of a kind with the open window layout. This couple enjoyed their big day in style. Prince is one of the best grooms that I have ever had the chance to work with. He was full of energy and ready and willing to do anything to make the day go great. Prince's suit was stellar and his traditional wear was current and stylish. You may notice an image of a shoe that he wore that day and I'm a big fan of them. Candice and her bridesmaids were a blast, and one of them in particular had me and the whole crew laughing the entire day. Candice was chill and mellow most of the day, her make-up was amazing, and her dress was stunning. Candice and her crew were a bunch of fun to photograph.

When we headed over the Ashton Garden's chapel, it become real for the two of them. Candice still held on to her cool demeanor but you could tell that the day was touching Prince. The ceremony went over great with a couple of laughs and a few tear, then we went into couples portraits and let me tell you these two have some amazing chemistry. I could only share a few but these two couldn't take a bad photo. Ashton Garden's chapel door is beautiful and made for some great images.

Doyin Fash did an amazing job with the ballroom, the pink and purple floral schemes were stunning. The center piece where the couple sat at was also grand and brought Candice to tears, we asked what was wrong and she replied that ballroom was so beautiful. Finally we had arrived to the part of the wedding that Prince had been waiting for, this man is a dance machine. Prince danced on the way in and danced on the way out, he never stopped dancing. The wedding was a blast and all the attendees had a great time including me. 



Wedding Planner : Doyin Fash

Make-Up: Lyzadora

Second Photographer : Micheal Anthony