Station 3 Spring Wedding featuring Josephine and Joseph 3-17-17

Recently I was able to work with one of Houston very talented videographers GJ of the . GJ has the magic touch and is always getting hired to shoot at amazing venues and beautiful couples. So when he offered me the chance to work with him of course I jumped on it. 

We went by a day before the wedding and met the couple at Station 3 , and let me tell you this place is awesome, it has an amazing vibe to it. This is one of the nicest wedding venues I've ever been too. So me being the business man that I am I asked who their photographer was in hopes of possibly snagging this amazing looking couples business. They already had some, Abby Myers, and her work rocked. Abby being amazing as she is still allowed me to shoot and blog some photos from the wedding. 

Now that the back story is taken care of lets get to this amazing couple, Josephine and Joseph. They both had great temperaments and were very thankful, in other words your dream couple to work for. But let me get out of the way and please enjoy. 

-Fred Agho