Manready Mercantile Editorial Featuring JPR Styling 5-31-17

Recently I had the chance to work with my good friend Philip of Jprstyling, he said that he wanted to do something unique for Memorial day. He mentioned shooting at Manready Mercantile, and once he said that I know that it was the perfect place to shoot because that amazing American vintage flag that they have on the wall downstairs.  I have seen this shot in front of the flag several different times, but I bought my own unique look and feel to my images. My favorite photo from the series is the one of Philip sitting down just in motion and the wide angle of the image gives you a complete feel of the Manready Mercantile scenery.  Philip's custom made navy blue suit truly made the whole shoot, did I mention that Philip is in the business of custom clothing and styling and that he does an amazing job at it. But hey you don't have to take my word for it go ahead and check it out thanks.


Philip A - @Jprstlying