Studio 1306 Lifestyle Portrait Session Featuring Tia J 6-28-17

I was fortunate enough to photograph an awesome milestone in any young person's life this past week for Tia Jackson. She was celebrating her 25 birthday, that may not be the correct age but I want to have a long life and you can't do that revealing women's age. Tia brought on Feyi ,a houston based stylist, that I had worked with before, and let me tell you guys Feyi came to Slay, I've always wanted to use that phrase. Feyi found an beautiful pinkish dress that complaminted Tia style completely. Once I saw the dress I know we would have to use a blue background to increase the contrast within the image. We also received a blessing from Kegan the CO-CEO of Ronin House and she gifted us a really big pink ballon. My trusty Fuji-XT2 delivered once again rendering amazing colors. The shoot overall was fun and I love the images, but don't take my word for it check it it!

-Fred A

Stylist: Feyi