Houston Wedding And Engagement Photographer Fred Agho Shares "Hands" 1-16-18

Being based out of Houston, Texas and being a wedding and engagement photographer you have to do things differently to stand out. So over the past couple of years I have noticed several signature things that I do when I photograph couples during weddings and engagement photo sessions. The one similarity that jumped out at me the most was that I had photographed every single one of my couples hands. 

At some point and time during the wedding or engagement session I would fit in a portrait of just the couples hands or some type interaction of one person hands with the other person. What I have realized it gave the images a unique fell to that particular couple. Sometimes I would capture a fix of the bowtie, grasp of hand, a cut of a cake, and my favorite toast of champagne, but with the couples hands in persecutive. 

Some may feel as if shooting hands may be a waste but I feel that every couple is different and you can see their stories through their hands. If you need some more convincing I have shared some of my favorite images focusing on just my clients hands and you share with us what you think.

The Houstonian Wedding Photographer Fred Agho.jpg
The Houstonian Wedding Photographer Fred Agho2.jpg
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Downtown Houston Engagement Photo Session Fred Agho.jpg
The Heights Villa Wedding Houston Texas Fred Agho.jpg
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La Torretta Wedding Photographer Fred Agho.jpg
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