Houston Downtown Engagement Photos featuring Miranda and Sam 1-6-18

Houston, Texas was the scene of most recent Downtown Engagement Photo Session. I had the pleasure of working with Miranda McCray and Samual Short. Miranda and Sam are both Mississippi natives but they have transplanted to Houston, Texas. The session was pretty fun because these two have a great sense of humor and the smiles spilled through the photos. The daylight portion of the engagement session was at Market Square Park which is historic area of Downtown Houston.

Sam know exactly what to say to get Miranda bubbling with laughter, and Miranda had him smiling as well. I did some background work with this couple and found out how Sam proposed, Miranda would always joke about having a JOP (justice of the peace) lunch date! The day before Sam proposed Miranda scheduled a “JOP lunch date” for the next day! Sam surprised her and showed up to take her lunch! He proposed in front of Miranda Texas Children’s Hospital work family and patients before our we left for lunch! Now that's how you surprise the woman you love.

The night proportion of the engagement photo session was held closer to Main Street and the you could tell the couple was having a blast. Sam said he felt as if he was a movie star because he had a camera crew following him and future fiancé around. Well I won't say much more just take a moment and check out the images and leave a comment

-Fred Agho


Second Photographer : DeMarcus Forest