St. Lukes Methodist Church/Skydive Spaceland Houston Wedding Featuring Jason and Casey 2-24-18

St. Lukes Methodist Church was a beautiful sight to see, the architecture was astonishing. The chapels are immaculate, especially the ivory colored marble floors. What an amazing finish! Although the church held much beauty, the true beauty came when I got the chance to work with two stellar people.

Let me introduce you to Jason and Casey, who might I add are professional skydivers. Jason is pretty good looking guy but Casey stole the show once she put on her dress. Their ceremony was very nice and personable, only enhancing the experience for me. After the ceremony we had some time for a portrait session and the photos came out stunning.

***Quick side note, there is this crazy downwind between the church and this new high rise that is being built adjacent the church. It literally almost blow all three of us away, and I mean literally.

I can honestly say this was the most unique wedding I have ever photographed, and I've shoot over 100 of them but I have never photographed a wedding in a plane hanger, Skydive Spaceland, and come with two actual planes in it. I mean the decor was absolutely amazing, but what topped it off was the live band they had for the evening. Perhaps I need to listen to more bands but as of now they are the best wedding band I've encountered! Jason and Casey know how to party and you can tell by how they held their lively energy throughout the evening. The night ended off with a star studded fire work show. Pure bliss.

But don't take my word for it, check out the images and leave some comments.

-Fred Agho


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