EADO Houston Texas Styled Engagement Session featuring Ebony and Lamarcus of Different World Images 3-13-18

My most recent Houston styled engagement session was so much fun and I had the chance to work with some of Houston amazing photographers. Ebony and LaMarcus of DifferentWorldImages reached out to me to shot some rebranding imagery, and my first response was "Me"? In short I was honored to work with the two. 

The shoot had three primary looks and the first look was a vintage traveler look. The first look had beautiful brown tones that went well with the day we we're having and it played right into  EADO Houston look. The second look held true to vintage vibe as well, but had a more soulful look. Demarcus's hat was awesome but Ebony stole the show with her vintage Asian attire. The last look was a hybrid of the second look and some of their new current merchandise, which you can view and buy here . 

Over all the shoot was fun and loved working with these two, and Lamarcus and Ebony have stunning work. You don't have to take my word you can view their images and make your own mind up.